What are the Benefits of Propane?

What are the Benefits of Propane?

When determining how to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, it is essential to recognize the advantages of propane. Propane can be used for heating the house, hot water needs, cooking appliances and even drying your clothes! Utilizing this resource will ultimately make life more convenient and energy-efficient.

About Propane Gas

Propane, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a practical energy source that is compressed and kept in liquid form. This colorless substance has almost no odor and is non-toxic. It's created as a result of natural gas processing or crude oil refinement — making it abundant, accessible and economical to use while still being friendly to the environment! Plus, propane can easily be stored for future convenience and offers safe operation with all its features combined.

Benefits of using propane.

Why have 8.1 million Americans made propane their preferred source of energy? The facts are undeniably conclusive.

Propane is affordable and efficient

The U.S. Department of Energy reveals that electricity is more than twice as costly as propane when it comes to fuel costs at a national level. However, even though the cost of purchase may be higher for propane, this energy source provides high efficiency which allows homeowners to consume less power compared to other sources - an attractive advantage! Furthermore, you can also buy in advance and store during periods when prices are lower, making it convenient and manageable come wintertime.

Propane is produced in America

Propane, which is derived from natural gas and petroleum, can be found in abundance within the United States. In truth, almost 90% of all propane used domestically has been domestically produced!

Propane is an energy source that can be used in a variety of places due to its ability to become liquid under pressure. It's the perfect solution for areas where natural gas mains are not accessible, no matter your location! This makes it easy and convenient to transport propane from one area to another.

Propane is plentiful and will continue to be

Making an effort to reduce gasoline consumption by 20%? Propane is the way forward! Increasing utilization of this cost-effective fuel in fleets could bring us one step closer to achieving our displacement goal.

Propane is convenient to use and store

Petro provides an effortless solution for all your propane delivery needs - right to the comfort of your own home. Not only is it efficient and easy-to-use, but propane tanks are also durable and eco-friendly; they can last up to 40 years with minimal maintenance! And if that wasn't enough, you can take advantage of its portability in liquid form as a great fuel source while camping or grilling outdoors. Moreover, there's no need to worry about availability: over 56,000 miles of pipeline across America along with 6,000 retail dealer outlets make sure propane gas is available wherever you go!

Propane is environmentally friendly

Not only is propane non-toxic and water insoluble, but it's also released as a gas. That means no spills or residue left behind! Research conducted by the Southwest Research Institute shows that propane exhaust produces 60-70% fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline, while at the same time slashing emissions of toxins like benzene and toluene up to 96%.

Propane is safe.

Propane is renowned for its remarkable safety record, thanks to the stringent codes and regulations imposed by both the propane industry and The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Typical uses for propane

Propane is so adaptable that many are unaware of all its incredible uses! Our propane specialists have compiled an extensive list to help you learn how this fuel source can be employed year-round. From heating to cooking and even powering vehicles, the possibilities for using propane are nearly boundless.

Home uses

Homeowners can benefit from multiple uses of natural gas, such as home heating, cooking with stoves, using dryers and water heaters more efficiently, and powering backup generators during power outages.

Summer uses

When summer temperatures soar, stay cool and cozy with our selection of pool and hot tub heaters. Grill up some delicious dishes on one of our barbeque systems or bring a touch of warmth to your outdoor space by lighting up a fire pit or patio heater.

Winter uses

Making the most out of winter is easy when you have the right tools. Fireplaces and fireplace inserts provide a cozy ambiance, while space heaters ensure that your home stays toasty warm - perfect for those cold winter days!

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