Why Should I Choose Propane For My Home?

Why Should I Choose Propane For My Home?

Propane is a popular choice for households across the United States, with more than 14 million homes relying on it. Not only is propane clean and efficient in its energy usage, but also environmentally-friendly and highly versatile to accommodate all types of heating and cooling needs.

In addition, propane is one of the safest and most practical ways to heat and cool your home. It's time to explore each benefit that this fuel has to offer!

1. Domestically Produced

Propane is widely used and cost-effective due to the fact that a vast majority of it consumed in the United States, up to 90%, is produced domestically. This not just reduces transportation costs but also makes propane easily accessible for homeowners and more affordable for customers. Thus, domestic production has an immense effect on its availability and affordability.

Abundant supply, combined with ever-strengthening infrastructure in the U.S., means that Americans can rest assured that there is plenty of propane to meet our needs for many years into the future.

2. Certified Green Fuel

Homeowners looking to minimize their environmental impact should consider propane, as it is recognized by the 1990 Clean Air Act and Energy Policy of 1992 as a "clean fuel." In comparison to natural gas, propane emits drastically less carbon monoxide and nitrogen output, resulting in up to 20% fewer greenhouse gases.

Of the key components of natural gas, methane is by far the most damaging to our atmosphere. In fact, it has a potency 70 times greater than carbon dioxide when it comes to absorbing and holding heat in our environment.

Propane is an incredibly safe fuel as it does not contain any toxic or poisonous substances and will not present a danger to the environment if released into soil or water. Therefore, propane tanks can be safely installed underground without fear of contaminating the area they are located in.

3. Clean Burning 

Homeowners who make use of propane are safeguarding their appliances from unnecessary maintenance by using a cleaner fuel. Burning dirty fuels like gasoline and diesel produce sulfur dioxide, particulates and soot as well as scaling which can lead to additional repairs being needed - all of which you will avoid if you opt for propane!

In contrast, burning a clean fuel such as propane will decrease the amount of soot and scaling on your appliances. This not only lessens the need for maintenance but also increases heating efficiency with better-lasting devices.

4. Versatile

Propane has become a leading source of heating for many American households, and its versatility is one of the most compelling reasons. Propane can be utilized in anything that runs on electricity or natural gas, such as space heaters, hot water systems, cooking appliances, clothes dryers, back-up generators, fireplaces and more! Additionally it's perfect for outside activities like grilling and pool heating. Moreover propane powers industrial equipment such as tow motors forklifts construction gear and landscaping tools - making it an ideal choice for multiple purposes!

5. Convenient

Homeowners who wish to have natural gas often face a major roadblock: its high cost. To set up in-home piping for natural gas can range from $10,000-$20,000 and not all locations are able to access it easily. This makes the availability of natural gas quite limited and puts off many homeowners from considering it as an option.

Propane is available all over the country, with approximately 70,000 miles of interstate pipelines. Plus, numerous propane businesses provide scheduled deliveries so you can never run out of fuel and a portable storage tank makes it easy to access propane wherever you go - even if your not at home!

Propane tanks are a great option for those looking to go green, as they require minimal upkeep and can be installed quickly. With routine maintenance, these tanks have the potential to last over 10 years - making them an excellent long-term investment!

6. Cost-effective 

Propane-fueled homes are far more economically feasible to run than electric or natural gas powered households. For instance, did you know that water heaters running on propane produce twice as much hot water in the same amount of time compared to electricity? This level of efficiency translates into considerable savings: the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that homeowners who choose propane over electricity for their home's heating requirements can save up to $175 a year!

Although consumers pay a higher cost per unit for propane than natural gas, $26.99 versus $6.23 respectively, its efficiency makes it the smarter choice since it lasts longer!

With one cubic foot of propane supplying more than double the energy (2,516 BTUs) compared to natural gas's 1,030 BTUs, it is a far better value for your money. Propane clearly provides twofold the bang-for-your-buck when compared to traditional and costly natural gas!

Above all else, propane is renowned for its impeccable safety record. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed stringent codes and regulations to ensure it's safe usage in homes & businesses. As a result, households that use propane as their primary source of fuel are clean, efficient, and eco-friendly while also having an additional level of security - you can trust the fuel to keep your home and family secure!

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